Australian Ethical

Surfrider Campaign - Australian Ethical Australian Ethical have sponsored a film tour by the Surfrider Foundation. It’s a series of film events across Australia’s east coast to raise support for Surfrider’s campaign to save the Southern Sea from fossil fuel exploration. The campaign aims to put pressure on the government to cancel a proposed seismic… Read More

Do it! Motion

Do it! Motion - Our Secret This one is my favorite so far; I put a lot of my love into it. I think I just love to be able to create an explainer; I enjoy every part of each step and process. I had the opportunity to work on this video with a fantastic… Read More


SOMOS FITOSAN Fitosan, is a pioneering Ecuadorian factory in the innovation of fertilizers based on fast-absorbing soluble granules. They use technology that allows them to incorporate humic acids, microelements, and fortified minerals into each formula. I was honored to direct this video, and they completely trusted me to elevate their brand and products to a… Read More


EASYTOPOST ANIMATED GIFS I had the opportunity to create this guy from scratch, testing my abilities to illustrate, personally, I love the results! These GIFs were made for the web page of a Startup called EASYTOPOST which developed a growth tool with a smart targeting algorithm, to grow your Instagram and Facebook accounts, fast and… Read More

Crazy Eyes

CRAZY EYES For some reason, I've been obsessed with eyes all my life, so there's no explanation really, I just find them fascinating. I think these eyes are cool and trippy, I enjoy exploring different kinds of styles and, of course, love the final result. Also, find a nice way to use them and invite… Read More

Lettering Animation

LETTERING ANIMATION This is a collection of custom lettering work created by Stephen Bradbury and animated by Freddy Barreiro in the summer of 2016. The purpose of this project was both for practice and exposure. This gave us both chance to further develop our skills, and we were able to share this work with Stephen’s fan base of primarily lettering artists/enthusiasts, and Freddy’s fan… Read More