Motion Designer / Director




Born in Ecuador, but not planning to expire here.

I believe that we can achieve anything that we want, but we must find out what our initiative and desire for our goal is. If you love something, aspire to be the best you can for that purpose. I would say ‘Just Do It’ but I digress from sounding like a typical Nike Commercial.

I consider myself a person who does what he says he will do, putting myself to the test by looking further and further away, meticulous, perhaps too honest, but always optimistic. The rest is for therapy. I hope I can inspire you, even a little.

I am highly motivated and passionate about Music and Art. I look forward to find a freelance partner, who believes that together we can create spectacular ideas, and more importantly, bring them to life.

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I partner with my clients to understand their individual needs and
elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed experiences.